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Ultrasonic Bone Cutter & Drill unit

Ultrasonic Bone Cutter & Drill unit

【Performance features:】
Safety - Unique tissue selectivity,bone cutting does not hurt the soft tissue,and the soft tissue does not roll,scrape or entangle. It is safe and efficient,and the operation time is greatly shortened.
Efficient - Adaptive technology,power can be set flexibly and can be used for spine,neurosurgery,joint,maxillofacial and other surgical needs.
AccuratePrecise cutting,less bone consumption,neat cutting edges,less bleeding,easy to operate,multiple styles of blades,and wide range of applications.
Hemostasis - The cutter head generates local heat, and the hemostatic effect is obvious. Bone cutting and local hemostasis can be performed at the same time.

性能特點安全,獨特組織選擇性,切骨不傷軟,不捲刮纏繞軟組織,安全高效,手術時間大幅縮短。《Video 視頻》

The ultrasonic suction knife is a surgical instrument that uses high-energy ultrasonic oscillation to crush the tissue, emulsify it with irrigation fluid, and suction it through negative pressure to remove the diseased tissue. While attacking and aspirating tumor tissue, it does not damage blood vessels and nerves. The use of ultrasonic suction scalpel in surgery allows the surgeon to operate more calmly, which not only shortens the operation time, but also removes the tumor more thoroughly. The patient's postoperative recurrence rate is low, there is less bleeding, and the patient recovers faster. It is suitable for surgical operations such as bone tumors and meningiomas. According to the trend of surgical refinement requirements, the ultrasonic suction knife has become an indispensable weapon.

超音波吸引刀是利用高能量超音波振盪將組織粉碎,再用沖洗液乳化,並經負壓吸引從而去除病變組織的手術器械。 在打擊吸除腫瘤組織的同時,不損傷血管和神經。 外科手術中使用超音波吸引刀,術者可以更從容地操作,不僅手術時間縮短,而且腫瘤清除的更徹底,患者術後復發率低,出血也少,恢復更快。 適合用於骨腫瘤、腦膜瘤等外科手術,根據外科對手術精細化要求的趨勢,超音波吸引刀已成為不可或缺的必備武器。《Video show 視頻資料》