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4-Month-Old Baby, Sho-Chan LM-075


Sho-chan is a 4-month-old model whose perceived body weight is 6.0 kg. Students can use it to practice holding babies in their arms and carrying them in a sling; they can also practice various activities with the model placed in a stroller or baby chair. This model is optimally suited to creating the impression of an infant about 4 or 5 months old.


  • Sho-chan has a realistic body shape closely resembling that of a real baby.
  • Although the doll weighs approximately 4.0 kg, it is designed to allow the user to perceive it as weighing 6 kg, the average weight of a 4-month-old baby. It feels soft to the touch, and is highly cuddly.
  • The model can be made to sit in a chair, helping expand the range of practice activities such as assisting in feeding baby food, making it sit in a baby stroller, etc.
  • The model is able to hold up its head. However, it is designed such that the center of gravity is at the head, just like a real 4-month-old baby.
  • Sho-chan has the face of a typical Japanese baby: familiar and cute.
  • The price is kept low, thanks to the use of new materials.


Height Approx. 58 cm
Head circumference Approx. 40 cm
Weight Approx. 4.0 kg
  • The model is not suitable for measuring, etc. It cannot be bathed, either.
  • Unlike Koken Baby, our model of a newborn infant, Sho-chan is made of vinyl chloride resin. (Material: Vinyl chloride resin)
  • The product does not come with accessories such as a stroller, baby chair, etc.