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Injection and Blood Sampling Practice Model Type Ⅰ LM-028


A series of techniques such as confirmation of injection site, insertion hypodermic needle and injection of medicine are possible with this model. The pressurized blood vessel can be palpated, and needle insertion provides a feeling similar to that offered by a real human arm. Blood vessel tube is durable enough to be used in numerous practice injections.


  • Made of a special silicone rubber, this lifelike model limb features synthetic skin that is remarkably similar to human skin.
  • The sensation of injecting a hypodermic needle into this model's simulated skin and blood vessels is identical to that encountered when performing an injection on an actual patient. Practice of both medicine injection and blood sampling using this model provides trainees with a remarkably realistic experience.
  • Resilient synthetic skin conceals injection marks well, even after numerous practice injections. Injection points are highly resistant to tears and other damage.
  • The artificial blood features the same viscosity and color as those of actual human blood. Since it is entirely water soluble, spills are cleaned easily without the worry of staining.
  • The model's lifelike circulation operates through a simple manual process. This rugged, serviceable model incorporates extremely reliable mechanisms for troublefree service over the long term.
  • This simply designed model enables easy exchange of both the synthetic skin and veins.

Needle injection has same feel as with a human arm.


Replaceable outer skin and blood vessel tube.


Arm skin 1
Arm musculature 1
Blood vessel tube 6
Base and stand 1
Irrigator (500ml) 2
Simulated blood (500ml) 1
Elbow rest 1
Pinchcock 2
Tube connector 2
Baby powder 1
Transfusion set 1
Storage case 1
① Arm skin
② Arm musculature
③ Blood vessel tube
④ Stand
⑤ Irrigator
⑥ Simulated blood
⑦ Elbow rest


LM-028B Arm skin
LM-028C Blood vessel tube
LM-028D Simulated blood (500ml)
LM-028E Tube connector
LM-028S-T Arm Skin (Thick type)


PhotoPlastic container (2 pcs)
Accessory set LM-028A
Arm skin 1
Blood vessel tube 5
Simulated blood (500 ml) 1



Size Approx. 59(L) × 9(W) × 9(H) cm
Weight Approx. 2.0 kg


Size Approx. 60(L) × 16(W) × 67(H) cm
Weight Approx. 1.5 kg

Storage case

Size Approx. 67(L) × 30(W) × 21(H) cm
Weight Approx. 4.0 kg