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Inspection and Palpation of Breast Cancer Training Model Ⅱ LM-017


The incidence of breast cancer is high in women in the prime of life. Chances of recovery are highest if breast cancer is detected and treated at an early stage. To check for breast cancer, begin by visually inspecting and palpating the breasts. Breast cancer can appear as a "lump" under the skin or as small changes in skin tone or evenness. Regular careful self-examination is very important.
If a small skin change is detected, a specialist should immediately be consulted. With early detection and treatment, there is no need to fear. When creating this model, advice from numerous specialists was gathered to design a model that is useful for self-examination.



The size and texture of the model is made to be as realistic as possible. Pathological symptoms such as lumps and skin changes (dimples) may be slightly exaggerated in the model, but the locations and feel of the lesions are provided with the utmost accuracy.
This not only offers an ideal educational model for health nurses and nursing students, but also provides an effective teaching and training tool for self-examination of breast cancer by the general public.

Lumps ① to ⑤ 80-90% of breast cancers start as a painless lump.
Skin changes (dimple) If the cancer approaches the skin, the skin may become depressed to form a dimple.

For professional use in medical or nursing schools, we have a precise model (LM-018) equipped with skin, nipple, lymphonodi metastasis, etc.


Inspection and Palpation of Breast Cancer Training Model II main body 1
Baby powder 1
Storage case 1


Main body

Size Approx. 22(L) × 30(W) × 11(H) cm
Weight Approx. 1.2 kg

Storage Case

Size Approx. 27(L) × 34(W) × 13(H) cm
Weight Approx. 1.2 kg