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Intravenous Drip Infusion Practice Model LM-115


This is a dedicated model to teach the techniques for management of medication and assistance, assuming a patient under intravenous infusion.


  • The intravenous infusion route can be connected to the model mounted onto a simulated patient, etc. *1
  • The model can be fixed to the intravenous infusion route using medical adhesive tape.
  • It is possible to practice adjustment of the dripping speed.
  • Changes in the dripping speed can be checked according to the body position and the condition of the intravenous infusion route.
  • With this dedicated model, fluid leakage can be reduced during practice. *2
  • The intravenous infusion (simulated medication) can be administered at up to about 200 mL. *3
  • Due to the absence of a drainage tube, the model can be used for education on changing night clothes and the body position, transfer assistance, etc., for a patient undergoing intravenous infusion.

*1. To connect the intravenous infusion route to the model, please use the outer cylinder of the intravenous indwelling needle in your inventory.
Before inserting the outer cylinder of the intravenous indwelling needle into the model, remove the inner cylinder to leave only the outer cylinder. This will prevent accidents due to a mis-puncture.

*2. Some fluid leakage may occur. For structural reasons, it is not possible to completely prevent fluid leakage.

*3. Please prepare the absorbent pad separately. The allowed instillation volume depends on the volume and the status of use of the absorbent pad.


When the intravenous infusion route is connected


Housing the absorbent pad


Intravenous drip infusion practice model 5


Size Approx. 16(L) × 40(W) × 0.3(H) cm
Weight Approx. 40 g