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VersaVision by Faxitron® provides immediate high-quality images for instant verification of core biopsy and surgically excised specimen samples. Featuring the highest resolution detector in the industry, its small, versatile form factor is ideal for benchtop placement in radiology or wherever you need easy access to imaging.


  • Highest resolution imaging with a 21 lp/mm detector and up to 5X geometric magnification makes VersaVision ideal for imaging core biopsies and a broad range of specimens
  • Immediate verification of core samples, reduces procedure time and improves workflow
  • Compact and versatile, the lightweight, fully shielded x-ray cabinet can be placed directly on the benchtop in radiology or wherever you need easy access to imaging
  • Easy to use, with no need for additional training or requirements for x-ray shielding, plugs into any A/C outlet and powered on with a single button
  • Advanced automatic exposure allows the system to automatically select the appropriate exposure time and kV settings for the sample with the click of a mouse
  • Remote diagnostic and support from product specialists that put you and your patients first.
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 Spatial resolution  Up to 60lp/mm at 5X geometric magnification 
 VersaVision 12cm x 15cm   21lp/mm and 24micron
 5 levels of magnification, up to 60+lp
 VersaVision 10cm x 15cm   10lp/mm and 48 micron
 5 levels of magnification, up to 50lp
 VersaVision 6cm x 15cm  21lp/mm and 24 micron
 1.5 times magnification
 External dimensions  30” H x 21” W x 24” D (77cm x 53cm x 61cm) 
 Chamber dimensions  14” H x 12” W x 12” D (37cm x 30cm x 32cm) 
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