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Decubitus Treatment Model LM-078


This model is a reproduction of decubitus (a bedsore) on the sacral region shown in separate stages (Stage Ⅰ to Ⅳ). It can be fitted to a human or a training model.


  • Six layers of skin are used to represent Stage I to IV to enable understanding of the classification of each stage.
  • The skin is mode of silicone rubber for an appearance and texture that is similar to that of the human body.
  • All six skins can be layered on together and peeled off one by one to show the progression of decubitus at a glance. (Picture-card style)
  • Ointment can be applied and surgical treatment can be performed.

* Do not apply ointment to the fitting holder. The surface paint may peel off.

Classification of Each Stage


Stage Ⅰ
Circumscribed skin flare
No changes to pale skin by pressure
No injury on epidermis


Stage Ⅱ
Partial defect of skin including epidermis and dermis
Blister and erosion are observed


Stage Ⅲ
Defect reach to subcutaneous tissue
Sometimes pocket is formed


Stage Ⅳ
Deep defect down to the muscle, bone and support tissue
Pocket is formed, and sometimes surgery is required for the treatment


Fitting holder 1
Stage Ⅰ Skin (flare) 1
Stage Ⅱ Skin (blister) 1
Stage Ⅱ Skin (epidermolysis) 1
Stage Ⅲ Skin (decubitus with white necrotic tissue) 1
Stage Ⅲ Skin (decubitus with black necrotic tissue) 1
Stage Ⅳ Skin (decubitus with expos ed bone) 1
Baby powder 1


Size Approx. 18(L) × 22(W) × 5(H) cm
Weight Approx. 1.4 kg
Materials Holder: Urethane foam
Skin: Silicone