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運動療法 Mobility Therapy


セーフティウォーカー GB-510

GB-510 Safety-walker  (セーフティウォーカー )

Walking by ownself freely, support your walking with happiness

(1)The height of the saddle can be adjusted with a single touch for smooth transfer. Even women can easily stand up and assist.

      ※ The height of the saddle can be adjusted with a single touch
         with the gas spring type standing assist mechanism, even women can easily assist standing.


ガススプリング式起立補助機構Gas spring type standing assist mechanism - 氣壓彈簧式站立輔助機構

Quick Lever - The arm rest height can be smoothly adjusted by using quick fixing lever.
快速固定掣- 使用快速固定桿可以平穩地調節扶手高度。

クイックレバーQuick Lever Locker - 快速固定掣

The height of the saddle can be adjusted steplessly with a single touch. It can be set the same height as a wheelchair or bed.

容易移動坐落坐上 - It could easy shift to walker smoothly

自立を促進 疲れたら座って休養

自主訓練 - Promotion self walking safty, can seat anytime when trie.幅の広い肘掛けと握りやすいグリップ

Wide armrests and easy-to-grip handles.


軟性坐墊又不阻害步行。Soft cushion does not hinder walking

早期康復活用 - Early rehabilitation utilization
It can be used for moving elderly people who tend to be "sit down" in a wheelchair because they are worried about falling, and for early rehabilitation of a femoral neck fracture injury.

促進獨自安全訓練 - Promote independent rehabilitation
If you get tired, you can sit in the saddle and rest, increasing your range of activity and exercise time, and promoting the independence of the user.

消除跌倒的焦慮擔心 - Eliminate the anxiety of falling
通過支撐上半身和下半身,消除了跌倒的焦慮。 治療師和護理人員的指導和觀察工作也大大減少了。
By supporting the upper and lower body, the anxiety of falling is eliminated. The effort of guidance and nursing care for therapists and caregivers is also greatly reduced.

Supports the upper body - 支撐上身
寬大的扶手和易於抓握的手柄牢固地支撐了上身。 靠背支撐裝置輕輕地防止倒下。
Wide armrests and easy-to-grip grips provide firm support for your upper body. The back support gently guards against falls backwards.


Supports the lower body - 支撐下半身
即使在膝蓋突然無力的情況下,軟式座位能提供牢固的緩衝支撐。 座位的形狀不會干擾行走或轉位移動。
Cushioned saddle provides firm support even in the event of a sudden knee break. The saddle has a shape that does not interfere with walking or transferring.

Safe and secure walking where you can sit alone if you get tired


維 持 保 養

可拆式鞍座位 - Detachable saddle

The saddle part can be removed according to the ability of the user, and walking practice and standing up practice can be performed according to the ability.

扶手和把手 - Armrests and grips

The height can be adjusted steplessly to firmly support the upper body.

旋轉打開/關閉後背支撐 - Rotating open & close back support

The rotating back support prevents the vehicle from tipping backwards.

腳輪安全性更高 -  Caster with increased safety

With wide casters, there is no danger of wheels falling into the groove of the elevator, and it can be used safely even if the range of action is widened.

快速鎖桿 - Quick lock lever

The height of the armrest can be adjusted smoothly with the quick fixing lever.

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