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The Aged Simulation Set LM-060


The aged simulation set is a teaching material intended to demonstrate the inconveniences felt by the aged due to the musculoskeletal, visual and auditory changes that occur with age. This set is the most suitable for medical care, nursing and welfare training.


  • Adjusting the extensively placed hook-and-loop fasteners straps can enable the set to be worn by trainees of various physiques.
  • It is hard for the trainee to move the joints when wearing knee and elbow restrictors. The trainee can also experience reduced muscle power with wrist and ankle weights attached, and a reduced sense of touch by wearing the gloves.
  • A stooped posture can be experienced by wearing the back protector.
  • Loss of peripheral vision and changes in visual function due to cataracts can be experienced by wearing the goggles.
  • Earplugs are specially created to block out the high-frequencuy sound range. Wearing these simulates presbycusis, which makes it difficult to hear high-frequency sounds.

Practical Training

Experience the daily life of the elderly


Difficulty in standing up and sitting in a chair, and in using the bathroom


The visual field is narrowed, and letters and colors are difficult to be recognized


Difficulty in bending the joints


Difficulty in hearing sound


Difficulty in going up and down the stairs


*Ear plugs (50 pairs) 1
*Gloves (10 pairs) 1
*Goggles 1
Elbow restrictors 1 pair for both elbows
Knee restrictors 1 pair for both knees
Finger restrictors 1 pair for both hands
Back protector 1
*Wrist weights (500g) 1 pair for both wrists
*Ankle weights (l000g) 1 pair for both ankles
*Walking stick (foldable) 1
Training bib 1
Storage bag 1

*The walking stick, gloves, goggles, ear plugs, wrist weights, ankle weights, storage bag, and instruction manual are the same in the aged simulation set and L-size aged simulation set.



LM-0601 Ear plugs (50 pairs)
LM-0602 Gloves (10 pairs)
LM-0603 Goggles
LM-0604 Elbow Restrictors (1 pair)
LM-0605 Knee Restrictors (1 pair)
LM-0606 Finger Restrictors (1 pair)
LM-0607 Back protector
LM-0608 Wrist weights (500g) (1 pair)
LM-0609 Ankle weights (l000g) (1 pair)
LM-06010 Walking stick (foldable)
LM-06011 Training bib
LM-06012 Storage bag

Restrictors for Elbows and Knees

"ABS plate" is exchangeable, and the hook and loop fasteners method enables everyone to exchange plates easily.

LM-0604A ABS plate for LM-0604 (10pcs)
LM-0605A ABS plate for LM-0605 (10pcs)


Total weight Approx. 6.5 kg
Suitable for Standard individuals approx. 155 - 170 cm in height.