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Male Catheterization and Enema Simulator (Strap-on type) LM-109MA


The simulator can be mounted on a human body or a doll so that a series of techniques regarding catheterization and enema can be practiced. The feel of the penis is closely similar to that of a living body penis. If a catheterization catheter is appropriately inserted, urine (water) flows out.


  • The simulator is of an actual size by which a catheterization and glycerin enema for an adult male can be practiced.
  • Since the simulator is of a strap-on type, it can be mounted on a human body or a model doll so that the practice can be performed.
  • By mounting the simulator on a human body, the feeling of a patient can be simulated. Also, by mounting the simulator on a simulation patient, techniques can be practiced while communicating with the simulation patient.
  • Since soft and stretchable materials are used for the pubic area, the appearance and the feel are realistic to give presence when practicing.
  • A series of techniques of catheterization, such as disinfecting of the pubic area, inserting, fixing, and removing of a catheter, can be practiced.
  • Techniques, such as peeling of the foreskin, disinfecting and cleaning, can be performed.
  • The motion of the penis is also close to that of a living body penis. The simulator is configured such that it is difficult to insert the catheter if the penis is not raised appropriately.
  • The attached tool exclusive to a glycerin enema can be inserted through the anus to the rectum. This enables the practice for the glycerin enema.

The simulator when mounted on.

Practical Training

  • Disinfecting of the pubic area
  • Inserting, fixing, and removing of a catheter
  • Glycerin enema


Urethral part 1
Male Genital skin 1
Bladder valve (Male / Female) 1
O-ring 1
Strap-on type frame 1
Bladder tube 1
Strap-on type rectum connecting 1
Connector 1
Bag for irrigator 1
Tube for irrigator 1
Drain tube 1
Glycerin enemator 1
Storage bag 1


① LM-109MB Male Genital skin
② LM-109V Bladder valve (Male / Female) (3pcs / set)
LM-025J Bag for irrigator (3pcs / set)
LM-025H Tube for irrigator (3pcs / set)
LM-0686 Glycerin enemator (with cap / 5pcs)


Main body

Size Approx. 23(L) × 13(W) × 18(H) cm
Weight Approx. 0.7 kg

Storage bag

Size Approx. 21(L) × 47(W) × 24(H) cm