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Female Catheterization and Enema Simulator LM-109F


A catheterization catheter is inserted according to a suitable technique to reach the bladder. This causes urine (water) to flow out.
The feed of the labia is closely similar to that of a living body. Techniques such as disinfecting of surroundings of the urethral exit and cleaning of the pubic area can be performed. The main body can be separated at an exact middle so that the insertion state of the catheter and the anatomical positional relationship can be studied.


  • The simulator is of an actual size by which a catheterization and glycerin enema for an adult female can be practiced.
  • Since soft and stretchable materials are used for the pubic area, the appearance and the feel are realistic to give presence when practicing.
  • A series of techniques of catheterization, such as disinfecting of the pubic area, inserting, fixing, and removing of a catheter, can be practiced.
    (When you practice disinfecting, please use water.)
  • Cleaning techniques can be performed.
  • The main body can be separated, and the urethral canal and bladder are transparent. This enables instruction for checking the insertion state of the catheter into the urethral canal and the balloon in the bladder.
  • The attached a glycerin enemator can be inserted through the anus to the rectum. This enables the practice for the glycerin enema.

You can gain an understanding of anatomy by separating the main body of the simulator into two halves at the mid line.

Practical Training

  • Disinfecting of the pubic area
  • Inserting, fixing, and removing of a catheter
  • Glycerin enema
  • Checking the insertion state of the catheter into the urethral canal
  • Checking the balloon in the bladder


Female Urethral part 1
Female Genital skin 1
Female Pubic Area Frame 1
Main body 1
Bladder 1
Bladder Valve (Male / Female) 1
O-ring 1
Female Rectal plate 1
Bladder tube 1
Rectum connecting connector 1
Bag for irrigator 1
Tube for irrigator 1
Stand for lateral decubitus 1
Drain tube 1
Glycerine enemator 1
Storage bag 1


① LM-109FB Female Genital skin
② LM-109V Bladder valve (Male / Female) (3pcs / set)
LM-025J Bag for irrigator (3pcs / set)
LM-025H Tube for irrigator (3pcs / set)
LM-0686 Glycerin enemator (with cap / 5pcs)


Main body

Size Approx. 25(L) × 39(W) × 21(H) cm
Weight Approx. 2.2 kg

Storage bag

Size Approx. 29(L) × 53(W) × 32(H) cm