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BioVision by Faxitron® provides immediate verification of excised breast tissue margins and raises the standard of care for patients undergoing surgical excision or biopsy procedures. Improve your workflow and save time in the OR by imaging specimens intra-operatively. Simultaneously send annotated images to mammography via PACS and the specimen directly to pathology. 【 TOP↑ or Return⇒


  • Instant confirmation of a successful biopsy procedure, saving time and minimizing patient stress
  • Easy to use, with no need for additional training or requirements for x-ray shielding, plugs into any A/C outlet (or utilizing 3-hour battery pickup) and powered on with a single button
  • Mobile and compact, designed to ensure safety and minimize intrusion at the point of care
  • Optimized imaging, and automatic calibration within a 10cm x 15cm (4” x 6”) specimen imaging area with a transparent window, self-diagnostic capability and Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) for images displayed on a 24” high resolution 3.7 MP monitor
  • Remote diagnostic and support from product specialists that put you and your patients first.
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Video information

A wide excision of the palpable or impalpable area of abnormality was performed through the incisions market out for the mammoplasty as an initial procedure. In areas of DCIS multiple wires were used to mark the extent of the disease. All specimens were radiographed immediately using a BioVision Digital Specimen Radiography system (Faxitron Bioptics, Tucson, Arizona, USA) and results were available within 30s, and where necessary immediate reexcision of margins was performed. Margins were defined as clear where the tumor was at least 1mm from the excision margin.
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Faxitron BioVision image show from Contrast Slider (0% to 100%)

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