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Anatomics Innovation: DuraShield™ is a pre-formed, concave silicone implant designed to minimise some of the complications associated with decompressive craniectomy, and the subsequent repair and reconstruction.

Simplifying Surgery: DuraShield™ acts as a barrier to prevent adhesion of the dura to the overlying skin flap, thereby reducing the need for lengthy dissection at the time of cranioplasty.

Easy Fit: DuraShield™ is anatomically contoured to ensure easy application to the brain surface, regardless of the size of the craniectomy.

Can Be Modified: DuraShield™ can be trimmed at the time of implantation and placed over the dura within the bone defect, ensuring optimal fit for each patient.

Easier Drainage: The implant contains 3 holes to allow epidural fluid collections to disperse and be drained away. These holes may also potentially allowing minor tissue connection to prevent sheet migration.

Ready-to-Use: DuraShield™ comes pre-sterilised and is ready to implant.

Easy Removal: DuraShield is made from silicone elastomer. This material is known to remain non-adherent to surrounding tissues, thus ensuring easy removal.

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