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4_Animal Experiment Techniques Training Model

4_Animal Experiment Techniques Training Model

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KOKEN Rat - Rat model for use in the training of animal testing techniques. 
When various experimental procedures are conducted using laboratory 
animals, it is important to restrain the animal properly and to develop 
techniques that will meet the necessary experimental objectives. When an 
inexperienced laboratory animal handler holds a rat for the first time , there is 
a risk that the handler may be bitten or may accidentally drop the animal. 
Therefore, KOKEN has developed the KOKEN Rat as a training tool. The 
beginner can learn the techniques of proper holding of the animal, peroral 
feeding, tail vein injection and blood collection, and endotracheal intubations.




  • The pharynx, larynx, trachea, stomach, and tail vein are anatomically correct and replicated in the rat model.
  • Our original silicone and soft vinyl chloride materials are used to achieve a texture similar to that of a live rat.
  • When placed in the standard position, the resulting posture is the same as that of a living rat.
  • Dosage in the stomach can be confirmed through the transparent section of the abdomen.
  • Needle insertion into the tail vein can be confirmed by the reflux of imitation blood.



Strain SD
Sex Male
Age 9 weeks
Body length [tail length] 21 cm [19 cm]


Main body 1
Tail 1
Retainer with cover 1
Simulated blood (50cc) 1


LM-046A2Tail 1
LM-046A3Simulated blood (50cc) 1

Practical training

  • Retention
  • Peroral dosage
  • Tail intravenous dosage and blood collection
  • Endotracheal intubation



① epidermis
② endothelium
③ stomach
④ trachea
⑤ esophagus
⑥ drainage
⑦ integument of the tail
⑧ a tail vein blood vessel tube
⑨ a connector for exchanging tails

Cautions for use

Handle this model as carefully as you would a living rat. Rough treatment may damage the model.


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