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Puerperal Uterus Palpation Training Model LM-055


This model is ideal for palpation training. Special materials are used for the abdominal surface to make the identification of fundus uteri very realistic.


  • Vulva is washable and the examination of the large pudendal lips and proctoptosia can be practiced.
  • Change of underwear, sheet, belt and gauze can be practiced with realistic sensations and ambience.
  • By using one of four uterus models that represent four different reversions, the difference between conditions can be accurately identified by palpation.

Practical Training

  • The examination of puerperal uterus and the identification of normal or abnormal conditions. (Normal or abnormal on the first day)
  • Measurement and palpation of puerperal fundus uteri. (Change throughout a week: first, third and fifth day)
  • Cleaning and care of vulva.
  • Instruction in massage.


Main body 1
Uterine Involution (Normal Day 1) 1
Uterine Involution (Subinvolution) 1
Uterine Involution (Normal, Day 3) 1
Uterine Involution (Normal, Day 5) 1
Sponge for prevention of deformation 1
Baby powder 1
Storage bag for uterus models 1
Storage cover 1


Main body

Size Approx. 44(L) × 48(W) × 27(H) cm
Height Approx. 4.4 kg