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Kyoto Kagaku Medical Simulator

Kyoto Kagaku Medical Simulator

Simple interrupted skin suturing can be evaluated quantitatively by validated evaluation items. Objective evaluation score and record of learning curve would encourage trainees to improve thir skills effectively.<Detials....
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   Kyoto Kagaku is concerned all with the fields of education, culture and welfare through the manufacturing of models and educational equipment.
   Their philosophy is that these fields should be considered whole heartedly with every living being on earth in mind. Whether it is a small part or not, we are firmly determined to continue to seek the significance of our existence.
   We trust and enhance our relationships within our community, cultivating ourselves in the spirit of harmony and innovation. We hope that our products will offer an impetus for growth in the quality of education and culture.<Detials....

There are three modes for different training purposes
- Evaluation: objective evaluation for self-learning
- Learning: reference of examples and recorded data
- Examination: skills assessment by the instructor Evaluation analyzed on 6 items leads trainees to "desirable" suture skills

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