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Acrylic Cranial

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Acrylic Patient Specific Implants

Clear vision through the implant

Manufactured from polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), and is used to restore bone structure after a patient suffers trauma to the skull. The benefits of an Acrylic can be:

Clear vision through the implant

With glass like appearance, the Acrylic implant allows the surgeon to see if there is a collection of fluid or a haematoma forming in the extra-dural space.


Pre-drilled fixation, dural suture, fluid transfer, and temporalis muscle suture holes are pre-drilled to minimise operating theatre time.

CT and MRI compatibility

Radiolucent and non-magnetic for compatibility with post-operative imaging.

Simple removal

Fibrous encapsulation ensures ease of removal in cases with recurring pathology

Beats Mixing!

No need for cutting, shaping or mixing during surgery. This eliminates the risk of monomer release and damage of dural and sub-dural tissues associated with exothermic reaction during in situ preparation of an implant.

Design Your Implant

Surgeon can contribute to the implant design or decide on tumour resection margins

Online implant design review service available via AnatomicsC3D

BioModel and implant prototype can be sent to the surgeon for review with the patient as part of the design process

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